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Eco Friendly Cleaning

We believe in providing a clean and sanitary work environment for all our clients. At DM cleaners our janitorial services are directed towards sustainable development and ensuring a safe and healthy environment. We only use green seal Certified Cleaning products; they are non-toxic, non-scented and are biodegradable for all our office cleaning, medical office cleaning and carpet and window cleaning services. All our products include antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

Traditional dusters raise dust into the air, which later settles on surfaces again. We use microfiber, non-abrasive clothes protecting the surface from scratching and eliminating dust. We also ensure that our cleaning staffs do not wear perfumes or scents and do not smoke while on duty. The use of paper is minimum to reduce garbage creation, which contributes to global warming and pollute lakes, forests, oceans and cities. Our priority is to keep our world clean and safe.

Our Products

At DM Cleaners, we ensure that we provide you services with quality products, for maximum customer satisfaction. Not only we use different variants of products for specialized cleaning but control is taken over dilution and usage. Also all are products are eco-friendly and green-seal. We specialize in using non-ammoniated glass cleaners and all-purpose cleaners. Specialized solvents to remove coffee stains form carpets and furniture, odour counteractants, urinal tablets, disinfectants, floor cleaners, floor finishing products, Calcium lime and rust removers, tar, rubber and grease removers.

We also use floor care striper, floor sealers and anti-static carpet treatments. All are clothes are microfiber to take care of your delicate equipments and electronics. Paper towels and toilet papers are green-seal. We ensure that all our garbage bags are of superior quality and extra-strong hold, so that your working place has no leftovers.

Our workforce is rigorously trained and formalized to provide you with an extra-ordinary professional experience.

DM Cleaners believe in 100% customer satisfaction through the superior use of cleaning products for janitorial services and commercial cleaning.


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