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Complete Office Cleaning

For any workplace to operate successfully-particularly one that is involved in healthcare, medical or dental – a clean and sanitary environment is an absolute must. From the entrance to the bathrooms, we will ensure you welcome everyone with facilities that are clean and sanitary. We utilize first grade, non-toxic, cleaning agents.


Carpet Cleaning

Carpets should be cleaned professionally every 12 to 18 months. Shampooing and cleaning carpets on a regular basis not only eliminates dust and other dirt particles, but can also prolong their longevity. Furthermore, dirty carpets are a major threat to air quality, contributing to allergies, illness, and weakened immune systems. DM Cleaner’s trusted and insured staff will thoroughly clean your carpets.


Strip & Wax Floors

Flooring is the foundation of decorating. It is one of the first things people notice. At DM we take pride in our work and in delivering excellent customer service, from start to finish on every project we commit ourselves to servicing.
Little dirt particles and dust inevitably get into your waxed floors, and over time the floor will begin to turn yellow from the light. To prevent this, we offer Strip and Wax service. The Strip and Wax is recommended a minimum of every 12 months for low to medium traffic floors, and 4-6 months for high traffic floors
We specialize in cleaning and restoring the condition of vinyl, stone, linoleum and wooden floors. We service floor types including but not limited to, hardwood, ceramic, vinyl composition tile (VCT) floors, and carpet. Stripping, resealing, waxing, buffing and refinishing are all part of our comprehensive floor maintenance process.


Medical Office Cleaning

DM cleaners provide your Medical and Dental offices a professional cleaning service. We ensure the regular sanitization, disinfection and sterilization of your woking space. Also, we disinfect door handles, furniture, table tops and water fountains to completely eliminate germs and bacteria. Also we carryout vacuuming, sweeping, mopping and emptying trash containers.


Junk / Clutter Removal

We carryout full service in junk /clutter removal:  we completely remove and clean the area. We handle junk in an environmentally sustainable manner, by avoiding all goes to landfill; we donate and re-cycle items on your behalf.  Whether your home or business we take care of in a professional manner and remove clutters to give you complete satisfaction.

We serve the entire Lower mainland.  Our teams are trained personal and are fully insured.

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